Vision, Mission, Mandate & Core Values


To be an independent Supreme Audit Institution that promotes good governance.


National Audit Office Malawi exists to provide assurance on accountability, transparency, integrity and value for money in the management of public resources to all stakeholders through quality audits.


Under the Public Audit Act No.6 of 2003, National Audit Office as the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Malawi and headed by the Auditor General appointed under Section 184 of the Malawi Constitution is mandated to undertake a programme of audits, and examine transactions, books and accounts and other public records of every ministry, statutory office, agency and public funds received by non-profit organization including relevant international organisations. The Malawi Constitution mandates the Auditor General to audit and report on the public accounts of the Republic of Malawi at least once a year to the Parliament through the Minister Responsible for Finance.

Methodologically the office is guided by the International Standards for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs) among other local and other Generally Accepted Auditing Principles and best practices. It is in that context that we feel duty bound and accountable to the nation and public at large to provide excellent, efficient and effective service by exercising competence, professionalism and integrity in all our dealings in order to incarcerate the culture of openness and accountability to the society through fair and reasonable dealings with our clients.


As a Supreme Audit Institution, we are guided by ethical values and principles of Professional competence, behavior and due care, Integrity, Objectivity, Independence, Confidentiality, Transparency and accountability, Inclusiveness, Creativity and Innovation and Public interest oriented.